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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Tuition, Yoga Mornings & Corporate Yoga
in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Wickham and surrounding areas





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Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Tuition and Corporate Yoga
in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Wickham and surrounding areas.

Welcome to The Yoga Solution

Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Tuition and Corporate Yoga with experienced British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, Jo Alderman.

Are YOU looking for something to improve your fitness, flexibility, well-being and enjoy it?  

Yoga can give you the Solution you are looking for either as a stand alone or in conjunction with your current sport or fitness activity.

More people are turning to Yoga to help them get fitter, improve their flexibility, tone up, build core strength,  relieve lower
back ache and

What is it all about?

Yoga Classes currently take place in Tunbridge Wells and West Wickham, Kent.  Saturday Yoga Mornings are in Tunbridge Wells.

Private Yoga Tuition and Corporate Yoga are available in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, Frant, Wadhurst, Rusthall,
Langton  Green, Southborough, Tonbridge, Hadlow, Hildenborough, Sevenoaks, West Wickham and surrounding areas.

Why not Email Jo to find out more?

Areas Covered?

Benefits of Yoga?

The benefits of YOGA have been well  documented in the press and by those who regularly practice Yoga.

Here are just some of the benefits experienced from YOGA:-

YOU too can benefit from YOGA.  Why not give Jo a call or email?

Whether you are wishing to join a friendly and welcoming Yoga Class.  
1-2-1 Yoga Tuition, Private Yoga Tuition as a couple or a group of friends.  A  Company looking to arrange Corporate Yoga to improve the health and well-being of your employees.  

We have the Yoga Solution that can be tailored to YOU and can fit into your busy life.  

Who is it for?

The Yoga Solution is suitable for all ages and abilities, from the beginner to the more experienced yoga student.

“Jo’s class has improved my flexibility no end!  My stress levels have decreased and I go to sleep easily using the breathing techniques and yoga practices Jo has taught us.  As an added bonus I now know a lovely group of people!  I really enjoy my nights at
yoga class”
Mrs A

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