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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Tuition, Yoga Mornings & Corporate Yoga
in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Wickham and surrounding areas





Jan & Peter, Warrior 1, Private Yoga Class, Tunbridge Wells Back to top Annie & Kay, Pashimottanasana, Private Yoga Class, Tunbridge Wells Jo will teach You:-
Yoga Stretches and Exercises to Improve your Flexibility, Strength and Tone your Core.
Simple Breath Work and Relaxation Techniques to DE-STRESS and RELAX.

“YOGA TOOLS” to cope with the challenges of your daily life.
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With Private Yoga Tuition every Yoga Programme is tailored to suit YOU.

You will have an initial FREE phone consultation to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve from your yoga practice.

You decide whether you wish to work on a one-to-one basis or share your yoga class with family, friends or colleagues.  We can also arrange yoga classes for social groups, sports clubs, teachers and seniors.  The Yoga Programme will be designed for your particular requirements, taking into account any special needs that you or other participants may have.

The beauty of having Private Yoga Tuition is that it can be tailored to you and your goals and can take place at a time and place that will fit in with your busy schedule.

The Yoga Solution caters for all levels of ability whether a complete beginner or a more experienced practitioner.  We can fit the practice to YOU, whether you are looking to have private lessons on a regular basis or just want a class or two to work on something in particular, we can design the yoga programme for  YOU.  

With Private Yoga Tuition whether working individually or in a small group you will receive the benefit of individual attention enabling you to experience the benefits of Yoga and providing you with valuable Yoga Tools to practice in your daily life.

There is no minimum time commitment and you can cancel an appointment without charge as long as you give us twenty-four hours notice.

Suitable for all levels of ability, from the beginner to the more experienced yoga student.

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“I have been enjoying (and benefiting from) my personal yoga tuition with Joanne for quite a few years.  Joanne is very professional, passionate, knowledgeable and flexible.  She tailors her sessions to my needs of the day, despite having planned them differently.  I also have Thai Yoga Massage with her and immediately feel better after each of them.  I would strongly recommend Joanne to anybody who’s searching for a healthier way of life.”


"My husband and I have had regular private yoga lessons with Jo at home for the past two years, and look forward to many more years with her! She puts a great deal of effort into preparing the lessons, and always manages to make them fun and pitch them at just the right level of difficulty. Jo has taught us how we can incorporate yoga into our everyday life by doing short and simple exercises. My husband can now bend down to put
his socks on!"


Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Tuition, Saturday Yoga Mornings and Corporate Yoga

in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Wickham and surrounding areas

Private Yoga Tuition

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