About Jo

I am an experienced British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher and am a Registered Exercise Professional.

I had a successful career, of over 20 years, in the Insurance Industry.  At that time I started practicing yoga to help keep me positive, fit and healthy in a stressful, client based environment.  It worked.  I was always complimented on my positive approach and did not need to take time off sick unlike some of my colleagues!  Luck maybe, but I put this down to practicing Yoga.

In 2006 I decided to follow my heart and concentrate on teaching Yoga and Well-being on a full-time basis.  I miss my colleagues and the hustle and bustle of office life but I enjoy the benefits that Yoga gives to those I teach.


Jo Alderman

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Once on the Yoga path, I was hooked and I continue to study to improve my knowledge of the subject.
Some of the courses/workshops I have found to be particularly useful are:-

  • British Wheel of Yoga Yoga Foundation and Teaching Diploma with Janet Bond

  • Yoga Foundation with Jenny Beeken, Inner Yoga Trust

  • Core Strength Yoga – Yoga and Anatomy Course with Dr Ruth Gilmore, Paul Fox & Ranju Roy.

  • Working with Joints & Joints Disorders with Dr Ruth Gilmore. 

  • Heart and Cardiovascular Disorders with Dr Ruth Gilmore. 

  • The Spine with Gary Carter.

  • Teaching Yoga to students with low back pain with Swami Satyaprakash. 

  • Common Ailments and Conditions.  What is best Yoga Practice with Frances Lumley. 

  • How Can Yoga help Sports People with Paul Fox. 

  • Meditation & Personal Development Module with Maarten Vermaase. 

  • Yoga for Children Teaching Training Module with Jane Rossi. 

  • Yoga and Mental Health Module with Sannyasi Shantipriya & Sannyasi Amarajyoti

  • Teaching Yoga for people with ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Fiona Agombar.

  • Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) with Kathryn Varley.

  • Breathing Practices (Pranayama Sadhana) with  Swami Vedantananda.

  • Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs with Alison Trewhela.

  • Anatomy of Yoga with Loretta Stowell

  • Mindfulness with Sheila Webb

  • Dru Yoga Fast-Track Teacher Training Course with Padma McIntyre & others

  • Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course (Two Year Teacher Training course completed Jan 2017

  • Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course (Two year Course) with Padma McIntyre & others

  • Dru Meditation Advanced Teacher Training (ongoing) with Maggie Brizzi & others

I continually try to find ways to help enhance the health and well-being of my students and am currently undertaking further training in the following: -

  • Yoga Therapy – Yoga United - Module 1 (March 2019 – 2021) with Judy Sampath and others

  • Yoga Therapy – Whole Person Healing – (May 2021 - ongoing)