Online Yoga and Meditation Classes

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Online Yoga and Meditation Classes

I am pleased to offer some of my yoga & meditation classes online via Zoom.

Do you want to have the benefit of being part of a live class and the convenience and comfort of practicing yoga / meditation in your home?

Why not book a trial virtual class (cost £10) before committing to a course?

Virtual Classes take place on Zoom if you need to download Zoom please use the link below:-

Live Online Yoga and Meditation Classes


10 to 11 am Dru / Hatha Yoga £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now
19:30 to 20:45 Dru / Hatha Yoga £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now


19:30 to 21:00 Dru / Hatha Yoga - Face to Face £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now


08:30 to 09:30 Dru / Hatha Yoga £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now
20:00 to 21:00 Movement to Meditation £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now


19:30 to 21:00 Dru / Hatha Yoga £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now

Saturday - Monthly

9am to 10:30am Dru / Hatha Yoga £10 Level - General Book & Pay Now
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How do I access online yoga & meditation classes?

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How do I pay for an online yoga & meditation class?

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Once I have joined the class….

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What props do I need?

Zoom Online Yoga & Meditation Classes

How to access online yoga & meditation classes.

I use Zoom, a free online platform to stream my classes.  It is easy to set up - please follow these simple instructions.

Download and create your free Zoom account.  I recommend that you set Zoom up in advance to make sure that the audio and video are working.

Please log in 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the class so we can begin on time.

How to join Zoom Cloud Meetings for online classes:-

If you have never used Zoom before, please take the time to download the free Zoom App on whichever device you are going to use for joining live classes.  On computers and laptops it is: “Zoom.Us” and on iPads and smart phones it is “Zoom Cloud Meetings” (from the App store).  Please follow Zoom’s simple instructions to set up your account.

How to register for your chosen class:

Please pay via bank transfer as soon possible and at least twenty-four hours before the class starts. I will then send you an email with a unique link to your chosen class at least one hour before the class begins.

To join the class, please click on the link in the email sent to you.  This will take you directly into Zoom where you will be asked for the password, please enter the password sent to you in the email.  You will then be taken into a waiting area until the class begins.

I will open the class 15 minutes before the class starts to give you time to familiarise yourself with the set up.  Once the class begins I won’t be able to help with any technical issues so be sure to familiarise yourself by checking in early.

Prior to your first class please complete and return to me the Health Questionnaire.  If you have any health concerns it is important that we have a chat before the first class, we can arrange this either as a telephone or Zoom consultation.  Please keep me up to date with any of your health changes which may affect your ability to practice e.g. pregnancy, injuries or medical conditions.

How to Pay

Please pay via bank transfer.  I will forward my account details once I have received your booking.  Can you please include the date and time of your class (or classes) in the “add a note” section so that I can allocate your payment to the correct class.

You will receive an email with the Unique Zoom access code and password giving you entry to the class at least one hour before the class is scheduled to start.

Once I have joined a class

It would be helpful for me to see you during the class and it also helps us to connect as a yoga group.

Please arrange yourself so that I can see you in both standing and lying positions. Have close to hand any props you might like to use e.g. cushions, blocks, blankets, eye covers or any other props.

Once the class starts I will mute everyone except myself so that we don’t have lots of background noises, so don’t worry about noisy partners, children or pets, they won’t disrupt anything!

During the class if you wish to ask anything, please wave your hand or unmute yourself so I can hear your question.

If you are unable to get into the class for technical reasons any payments already made can be used towards a future class.

What props do I need?

  • I recommend a mat, although at home it isn’t essential as you can use a carpet or rug.
  • A yoga block or large hardback book or cushion for sitting.
  • Blankets and cushions as necessary for padding under your knees or for comfort when lying or sitting.
  • Wear leggings or loose comfortable clothes suitable for movement and exercise.
  • Water – in case you get thirsty.

Book & Pay Now

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