“What Students are Saying….?”

“I have been enjoying (and benefiting from) my personal yoga tuition with Joanne for quite a few years. Joanne is very professional, passionate, knowledgeable and flexible. She tailors her session to my needs of the day, despite having planned them differently.

I also have Thai Yoga Massage with her and immediately feel better after each of them. I would strongly recommend Joanne to anybody who’s searching for a healthier way of life”

Mrs A-D

“Jo’s class has improved my flexibility no end!  My stress levels have decreased and I go to sleep easily using the breathing techniques and yoga practices Jo has taught us.  As an added bonus I now know a lovely group of people!  I really enjoy my nights at yoga class.” 

Mrs A

“I feel very lucky to have found such an excellent Yoga Class so close to home.  Jo is a sensitive teacher, who tailors the class according to their ability, mood and sometimes even the weather!  It is up to you if you choose to work hard or at a slower pace, according to how you are feeling.  My Yoga Class has become a part of my weekly routine – a place of calm and I hope I will still be going when I am 90!”


“Jo’s classes are an oasis of calm, they are considered and considerate, helping participants achieve what they feel capable of on that particular day and Jo herself is the definition of a lovely person.  In short, it’s a joy to attend.”

Sue A

“I have attended Jo’s classes for approx. 3 years.  They are relaxing and she is very aware that everybody is different and may not be as flexible as others so everybody is allowed to progress at their rate without pressure.”


“I have been attending Jo’s Yoga Classes for the past couple of years.  I feel I have benefited from the classes as it helps my lower back trouble and Jo always gives alternative postures, depending how you feel and everybody’s very friendly.”


“A fantastic, friendly class. Jo encourages students to progress and improve with her positive and calm approach. Regular attendance has improved my lifestyle.”


“I joined a yoga class at the age of 71 shortly after my second hip replacement operation. Now thanks to yoga I lead a very active life playing table tennis, gardening and coping with various obstacles on my weekly ramble. No one knows that I have two artificial hips.”


“Being one of the mature members of the class. I am not as able as others. Jo encourages us to work as much as we can without overstretching, hence my attendance over years.”


“Yoga helps to keep my life in perspective, allows me to take control of life’s ups and downs”


“This has been my first Yoga experience and I love it.  Jo makes the sessions very welcoming and relaxed.  Each week I feel my needs are catered for and I never feel uneasy or intimidated.  Instead I feel I can push myself and I have improved over the months and this is thanks to the holistic approach.”


“I first discovered yoga after the birth of my first daughter, nearly 30 years ago.  It has been part of my life ever since and I feel I have benefited from it, both physically and mentally."


“I am in my 60’s and joined Jo’s Yoga Class a few years ago. I was made most welcome considering the fact I hadn’t done any yoga before. Although not able to do everything as well as I would like, I do my best and like the fact that Jo doesn’t push you harder than you want to go.”


“The yoga class is an escape from stress and a tool to manage stress. The class provides a good workout tailored to my needs, leaving me relaxed. I didn’t know what I could do until I tried!”


“I have attended Jo’s classes at West Wickham for over 5 years and really enjoy the variety of postures she brings to each class. While we take our practice seriously, there is always good humour among the group and never any pressure to do more than we can manage without discomfort.”


“I enjoy Jo’s classes very much.  Very friendly and gentle.  Very relaxing.”


“I have found yoga really relaxing, quite challenging, but always enjoyable.  I have become more flexible and able to relax through the various postures and practices.  A great start to the week.”


“Jo’s classes are great.  They are not about impossible contortions or handstands – they are about practising yoga at your own pace and to your own ability.  She is happy to allow you to adapt or change any postures to suit.  You may leave out any that you’re not comfortable with.  Over time you can really feel yourself progressing.  The relaxation and meditation techniques are lovely at the end of the sessions and can be used anywhere and at any-time.”