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Yoga & Meditation Classes, Saturday Yoga Mornings, Private Yoga Tuition and Corporate Yoga in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas


Yoga Classes are suitable for all levels of ability

  • Yoga offers a holistic approach to body, breath and mind.
  • You will practice warm-up exercises, yoga stretches, simple breath work, relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Learn “Yoga Tools” to cope with the challenges of your daily life.
  • You will be encouraged to work to your ability and modify as needed.
  • Friendly and relaxed environment.
Yoga class concept
Senior couple is doing fitness training at home.Standing with fitness yoga carpets. Healthy lifestyle concept.


With Private Yoga Tuition every Yoga Programme is tailored to suit YOU.

  • Whether an individual, couple, group of friends social group. Sports club, teachers and seniors.
  • I will assess your needs and goals and devise a Yoga Programme to meet them.
  • Whether looking to promote a healthy lower back increase flexibility improve fitness or tone your core.
  • I will work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Friendly and relaxed environment.


With Corporate Yoga I will design a Yoga Programme to promote wellness and productivity whilst reducing Stress.

  • Tailor made programmes for your specific requirements.
  • I can work on a one-to-one basis or design a programme of classes for your employees.
  • I can concentrate on specific areas like De-Stressing, Healthy Lower Backs, Necks and Shoulders or general well-being. I will tailor the Yoga Classes to YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES
Female employee doing sport exercises in the office
Young woman with cute cat practicing yoga at home


The Yoga Morning will be a relaxed morning, all levels of ability, where we can spend a little more time to enjoy & deepen your yoga practice

The following are some of the areas that will be covered:-

  • Yoga Class (incl mobilisation & Yoga Postures).
  • Short Refreshment break to catchup with old friends and new.
  • Relaxation Session.
  • Pranayama (Yoga Breathing).
  • Meditation


With Yoga Holidays, escape from the stresses of daily life and have some “ME” time.

  • Relaxed, friendly and inclusive.
  • Enjoy some time away from the stresses of daily life with like minded people.
  • Yoga, Relaxation and simple Meditation.
  • Suitable for all levels of ability from a beginner to the more experienced.
  • Relaxed and informal. Participate or just relax!
Photo of woman standing on one leg in yoga in forest in afternoon